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Photograph with Lance Krueger, one of the top-published whitetail buck photographers, at one of the top big buck photography locations in Texas, Las Raices Ranch.

Lance Krueger's Whitetail Dream Bucks Up Close Masterclass

Sold Out
  • Paying a 50% Reservation Fee of $1,750, or the entire Tuition Fee of $3,500, holds one of the very limited, six spots that are available for this Masterclass.


    Once you’ve paid your Reservation Fee, you will be emailed an “Invoice To Be Paid” with the remaining Masterclass fee due on or before November 1, 2022. If you pay the entire Tuition Fee now, you will receive a “Paid Invoice”, and don’t have to remember to pay the “Invoice to be Paid” amount later on, before the deadline.


    Once you've registered and paid to reserve your spot, an information page will be emailed to you, letting you know: what to bring, recommended camera equipment, expected temperatures, directions to the ranch, etc.

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